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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To the

ERGO-Directly Assurance/ ERGO

Karl `s Martell Street 60

90344 Nuernberg


Luebeck, 2011 Sep.22


Insurance Cover, light No. 101XXIIIIOOO, your writing of 2001, Sep. 21th.

Free English translation.

Please, see the German document "Bestattungsunternehmen".


Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to renounce the offer Death-Benefit-Premium and instead I would like attaching the red pencil where it proves a sense for every person.

How are the costs founded for a burial at the rate of about 7,000 euro to 9,000 euro and more or the costs at the rate of about 3,000 to 7,000 euro?

For a coffin one needs basically only plain wood as for example pine or flake board, which is veneered. Then one ranges between 200 to 400 euro for a coffin.

Also palette wood is sufficient for the coffin construction basically for everybody, because one needs not necessarily an oaken-coffin with velvet, silk and brass-tarnishes below ground. Besides, then one ranges between    80 to 1 euro or more. 

Nevertheless, every person is happy, if one must not be financed by the death at the children`s expense or at the society by these forced, unjustified high costs, if one did not have the possibility to pay a suitable insured sum or, however, did not want to support these exorbitant prices and this special status of an undertaker in the  lifetime!

Many people give way these forced costs and therefore prefer an urn burial. 

The dead person is fetched as a rule from an undertaker with a hearse in which two bearers carry the corpse in the carriage to the morgue. Costs thereby incurred at the rate of about 80 to 100 euro.

In the morgue the corpse is cleaned by wish in a cold storage house and is laid out or kept cool under closing, as long as the corpse is released to the burial.

Costs thereby incurred according to duration at an average on 70 to  120 euro.

The most necessary steps are already taken and mostly arranged at home, at hospital or at the last residence for the cleaning and care of the dead person, so that these expenses are covered and must result not twice and triply, since the dignity of a dead person requires to be not needlessly touched and looked at it completely naked!

The costs for the undertaker adds for an easy bureaucracy with the assurance because of the insured sum and the settlement of the burial on the burial site, at which the burial site place must be ordered from.

These costs cannot exceed circa 500 euro, because everything other cannot be justified anymore!

A lease for the place on the burial site for three to four square metres can exceed no 20 euro per year; all other would be an usury.

Then for 10 years the lease are 240 euro and therefore for twenty years would it be 480 euro, what puts out as a rule the desired duration.

Flowers arrangement or ornaments for the coffin to average out to 50 to 120 euro or as desired something more and are still affordable for the most members.

The laying someone to rest in the chosen coffin, on which the undertaker earns in addition and the transportation to the burial site- chapel costs as a rule again 80 to 100 euro, at which the coffin bearers again cause costs and they are estimated at the rate of 120 to 180 euro.

The lowering of the coffin in the earth and the grubbing up and filling up the grave costs together about 50 to 70 euro again and thus the calculation looks quite different.

If one adds the performed positions, one comes on an average sum at the rate of 1,500 to 2,000 euro and the undertaker still earns well!

For high born ones the costs are able for the burials at the rate of 6,000 to 9,000 euro however they are estimated not for every average citizen, at which the state has to bear these costs!

In future one can use the expensive massive wood for the coffins for much more necessary objects and disburden therefore the environment.

To the fact comes that one closes the corpses better in plastic covers in future, because soon the ground water will be attacked by the corpses treated as a rule with chemicals/ medicine and by the germs and these plastic bags need centuries to rot.

At the moment the monopoly position of an undertaker can and must consist therein, that the corpses are buried appropriate for the environment, so that they can rot without the ground water can be affected.

This monopoly position may not consist in being able to burden financially the descendants or the children of the dead ones by the burial costs! 

In this way it does not go on any more.....................

Everything is only on time as it becomes clearer daily and therefore I would like to come on the actually point, what this writing should distinguish and must come to the public, too.

You and many other people seem to be not able to perceive or to disavow the real assurance, which still can people insure truly in future!

For this reason I would like to call yours attention to my homepage and many other people, too. In additon I am going to take up this writing in one of my homepages.

At the moment a very precious, electronic book exists therefore in the "administrative tract" Internet and is a part of a "contract of insurance", which must be kept by all people worldwide.

Besides, it concerns the real world cultural heritage and it also includes the circulation of death.

Since a desirable circulation only must be built up, while the current circulation must be interrupted as fast as possible as one already can see several times from my Pages, nevertheless I would like to notify a few important basic ideas and information regarding to a corpse.

As in the Roman Catholic confession of faith recognizably and as in the reality by the increasing mass morality confirmed, it is important for a prospective circulation of life that the person leaves the earth possibly with all his limbs and with priority with his mind to change in the colossal area.

This cannot happen of course, if the person is scuffed for example by a wild animal, if the person is burned or gets in a machine and is divided, or is smashed by plane crashes or is missing in the universe.      

The today's living conditions exclude a desirable and functioning circulation and must be brought back therefore on a norm, so that the circulation of life can properly close itself recognizably.

For that purpose belong both the death and the sure way to paradise, which cannot be existing yet in the desired way.

The way can be sure for the soul of the dead person very much, if the soul keeps the connection with the body, so that after some days nothing more remains of the late person, possibly it is found up a clear sign, by which the person has gone his way or was "fetched", whereupon there will be three ways!

Even if the mind stayed on the distance, the way is not completely lost yet.

Then one needs no more a coffin and one is also not scuffed by the worms or can also not affect any more the ground water, but every member recognizes that something completely natural was finished and one recognizes that somewhere begins something anew, what by the way always had been like that surely.

As noted one needs no more a coffin separate a memorial stone on a burial site and makes do with about 50 to 100 euro or as desired some more and if one still adds the lease for twenty years to the calculation, one is well secured with approximately 350 euro!

For the time being these are still future visions, however, these thoughts  must exist in a planning and have validity for all people worldwide. 

As a high born one I am possibly underinsured, however, as an average citizen I would be over insured, if there would not be actually these unwarranted exorbitant- prices by a monopoly position of the undertakers and this business with the extortion of a possible, financial burden of the remained children by the costs of the burial, what I would like to make herewith clear and instruct you as a Therefore Directly Assurance by calling you herewith in the responsibility.

Please, let provide again a real costs-achievement-set-off of a complete burial, taking into account the above mentioned criteria and please take care of it that every person can be buried without the descendants or members must pay for it, otherwise your offer will rise on and on and end never, because over and over again new prices can be dictated by the undertakers.

I remain with my present insurance cover and let blackmail myself from no side, because for me a Jaffa-box is also sufficient!

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

Nevertheless, I have raised the insurance cover now, because I cannot believe any more so surely in a positive turn in the contemporary history and my own children should not pay the bill for me.

All contemporary witnesses in the mentioned above matter and by God`s commission are not any more in theirs right mind long ago, while important events are leave undone or are ignored and therefore the chance is strongly limited for the turn.

In 2012, Nov. 27th


Das Weltkulturerbe           OMEGA  +OOVIXXLLMLLOXVVIIOO

The World-Cultural-Heritage