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To TV-Station


Attn.. Mr. M......

Luebeck, Wednesday, 7 January 2004

Free English translation on 27 August 2021.

The German-language document you may find here! 

Ed de Parfüm

(Distributor to all media while respecting and protecting the person by limiting personal details)

Dear Mr M......., Dear Sirs!

Yesterday, my person watched the programme Home-Shopping-Europe on TV and took a close look at you, Dear Mr. M....., together with the dog Lady Da....  . I would like to help you so that you can help others. You are a dear and kind person who has a fear of a person's ugliness that is quite unusual for a man. You were certainly very afraid of having to live with a nagging woman who smells bad and also almost has a moustache like yellow teeth. A fat hag with wrinkles and puckers who would only guzzle and not eat and then drag you down to the same low level.

This fear of ugliness is justified because it can cause a person to lose his or her lovability. Now you have built a wall of protection for yourself in this regard, because you will have seen and spoken to many colleagues and business friends who have already fallen into this sort of limbo. You have now carved a path for yourself where you no longer have to get your hands dirty by your aloof level to make the money, even by functioning as a kind of Miss Doubtfire. You have found the market niche that a filmmaker from the USA presented in his film and so you have also immediately taken the animal by means of dog shampoo into this enormous market niche, which you bring across the channel with Lady Da..., adorned with a fine red bow in its fur.

You go through life as an understanding interlocutor who wants to pamper everyone else, who also wants to please every customer and receives good money for it, but who wants to wrap himself in scent so that everyone should notice it. You are right to perfume yourself in such a way, because in front of such friends and business partners you should indeed wrap yourself in a beautiful fragrance, because such people benefit from the fact that you, as a styled-up appearance, do not embody the man, but represent a mixture between something that was not intended by Creation!

These friends, this clientele and these business partners can partly better classify themselves gender-wise through your appearance, because the change of time has long since struck, so transvestites are especially addressed by this. You, Mr. M..... sit in front of an audience of millions and give a dog kisses, whereupon the dog licks you, which should normally be put off by the scent of perfume; so your Da..... has probably become your cuddle and child substitute at times, with whom you can do more than with a human being, which also applies to many others with regard to an animal.

Your skilful interlocutor was able to identify the aesthete in you, who creams himself, puts on make-up and wants to take care of himself as only a woman should. He was able to illustrate your highbrow lifestyle wonderfully by suggesting that you should also use the expensive deodorant in the bathroom after going to the loo, what almost spoke to your heart, didn't it? You were so generous with the price and with the design of your accompanying toilet bag, all kept in an almost royal blue, as you yourself professed; but now such a letter, that is not quite fair!

Yes, Mr. M........, now a person is writing to you who also attaches great importance to beauty and also has an almost panic fear of ugliness, which, however, is normally to be rated much higher for a woman and also has a higher justification than for a man.

This ugliness, Mr. M........, automatically also comes about through creatures that can influence the hormone balance of others like creatures that are nothing half and nothing whole.

There is nothing that can be more deadly for a woman than not being able to find the man she needs in order to be allowed to be and to be able to be a woman and not having to be the general field marshal in order not to have to stand there alone one day.

This hormonal balance is controlled by the appearance of a person, also by the voice of a person or by the manner and behaviour and, what only very few people know, also by the language. So it is understandable that people from the fashion and film industry, which is internationally bound, are particularly at risk in this respect and easily tip over in their detached level due to high earnings and the resulting standard of living, because for example, for a German, communication with a Frenchman has a different effect than when two Frenchmen or two Germans are conversing.

Unfortunately, many such upside-down people are now at the receiving end, to enter the subconscious of others via the media as role models. The whole matter has only a little to do with tolerance; it has more to do with fears and, above all, cowardice; a very mean cowardice towards the younger generation, who are confronted with these appearances and have to wake up in such a way.

Dear Mr M......, please think back to your childhood, when you were still a little boy and rode around the world on your tricycle. What would have happened in your mind if suddenly a man with highly toupeed hair and a made-up face kissed a dog with a bow, who had a man's voice and a man's face, but no chest, and who seemed to be very highly respected? What was actually supposed to become of Creation and how Mr. M......., did you actually want to step in front of your Creator once, something like that in your outfit?

You are actually not the one to be pitied; the most to be pitied are your very best friends and colleagues who will never have told you that you have lost your way and gone underground by building a fragrant protective wall for yourself through dog Daisy, because you are guaranteed to know that there are very many dog owners who already resemble their dogs very much, but through the scent, hygiene and cleanliness, the animal is also no longer an animal or?

Dear Mr. M.........., you should give your aftershave to your very best friends and colleagues, but you should have a very special scent created for such friends; the scent of cow dung and pig dung should be given to this people and at the same time you should change your hairstyle and the colour of your face.

But above all, you should part with your Da...... Lady and change your line of work by, for example, perhaps becoming self-employed and going into the field of horticulture or woodland- and forestry, so that you will get the chance to meet and love a real lady one day, who will surely be there for you. This letter Mr. M....... is not a letter of request; it is also a letter addressed to the public, whereby now just your name and your products could well be omitted.

However, if such damage can be done on this scale, then my person must also be allowed to respond directly to it, which is certainly not only addressed to your person.

Any attempt to interfere negatively with Creation or to manipulate and influence it, which particularly concerns the preservation of the human race, will be punished with unbelievable severity and harshness, which in very tricky cases can and must result in expulsion from the house, since the end product of Creation must continue exclusively from the human race and nothing else may be in between. For this reason, there will be an end to all tolerance, also with regard to the outer appearance of a human being, including clothing.

Dear Mr. M........, think carefully about this letter and about your Creator, who gave you everything a woman needs to live! Incidentally, there is a superior "general field marshal", an Empress, who has dared to deal with all the dirt and can also come up with solutions in this respect. As contact persons for the *restoration, attainment and preservation of the beauty of all affected people, my person will possibly still have to write to two world-famous ladies from your circle of colleagues and also call them into responsibility.

                                                              P. p.


*Requirement for the unique fairy tale.

German-language document checked on August 2016.

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