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The Culture-Shock

Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To all



Luebeck, 5 March 2009

Free English translation on 28 August 2021.

Cleaning Ladies Squadron /CC


Please, let that German-language letter be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places and to your senders!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs, Dear Listeners to the Radio Sets,

Today is another Thursday (Thunder day) and so there should be a lot of "rattling in the box" today so that you and others can understand and see the writting on the wall! The spirit of the age advances with every day and with every hour and takes everything it can get on the path of life of every human being; or explained in other words: The "spirit of the age" is interested in something that a human being possesses, but does not always have this possession under control.

This possession, which this writing is about, is also called the psyche or soul and composes almost the whole human being. We all know how valuable eyesight is to every human being, how valuable the spine, the heart and the mind is to every human being, but how valuable the psyche is, is not much spoken or written about, but this valuable possession is worked on and manipulated every day by the media and advertising campaigns, so that very many people have already put the most valuable possession they received at stake in order to be able to pass the next day or time more easily.

It follows that there is indeed a central agency or being and that this being is mainly interested in seizing power over a human being so that this being can ultimately get hold of omnipotence and subjugate everything, especially also Creation. Not only the living but also the dead are involved, whereby the animal has long since mixed with the human race.

The media in particular show us how one could live, what constitutes beauty and what wealth can mean. In this way, it is possible comming up for a discontent to arise the great masses.

The media first of all provide entertainment and thus the passivity of the reader, listener or viewer and then they show us again how we could be better off and combine the awakening of desires through holiday trips, beauty farms, professional success, positions of power and possessions in order to be able to achieve financial independence.

For this purpose, the media mainly use very beautiful people and also so-called celebrities who have made a name and "money" for themselves. A degree of fame, a position of leadership, a fortune and the coverage by surgery for beauty, holiday experiences, health and a long life are the values that the media have infixed on us, among other things. Under these mentioned guidelines of the media, our human psyche mainly hides the longing, the need for security, the sense of life and sense of beauty, but only very few can achieve these very values.

What about the others who have not been given these values and who feel excluded or undervalued, partly consciously and partly unconsciously? Due to morally relaxed legislation, also due to the actors' presentations of life situations including crimes, and due to the lack of role model functions of a man especially in the field of education, culture and politics, for example, the security factor for founding and maintaining a family has rather become a security risk for the whole family.

Life thus becomes burdensome for many people, especially when old age and illnesses are added to the mix or the competition in every situation and stage of life becomes ever greater! As compensation, especially many young people then like to dive into the visual world, which is not so burdensome, but even the unused unemployed, pensioner or social welfare recipient has to spend his life time day after day and everyone has to look in the mirror, whether you like it or not, you can't get around that any more!

A "broken society" that lets some live high and others sink low; but who actually holds the wheel for these "broken societies", whereby there are still particularly beautiful events, wonderful cultural events, admirable artistic achievements or natural occurrences to marvel at and see? The mixture of beautiful and ugly, the mixture of justice and injustice, and especially the mixture of sense and nonsense is made quite clear by the media, but only recognisable as a mixture by the subconscious. If a person reaches a certain point or a turning point in his life, he can very easily change the presented sides of the media; he can, for example, identify with nonsense and give this nonsense to the children and young people, thereby accepting and embracing an ugliness.

In this way, every human being has an individuality and value system in his or her own way and with his or her own possibilities, with which he or she is confronted by society. It is precisely this individuality that, with the psyche, i. e. with the soul, makes up the whole human being and has been tied to the mood barometer of the media! You and others must first recognise this in order to be able to build up a defence against it, so that the human being can free himself from these fetters. This has already happened from my side and has been underpinned by an expandable concept, which of course cannot be realised without miracles and everything that goes with it.

And now we come to the point of this writing:

The psyche of very many people, especially also of those of whom one could least believe it, has long since been strained too much, so that it was and is becoming easier and easier for the spirit of the age to grab this and that person in order to make him to his possession. This being does not even stop at children and infants by taking possession of them and is becoming bigger and stronger every hour, just like the high national debt due to interest, whereby one can hardly counteract it any more!

For this reason, the risk of being able to live unscathed and in freedom in a "broken" society increases enormously for everyone together. With regret I had to realise that there are already chains or organisations in companies or businesses that have nothing to do with the mafia or terrorism, but have come about through the common "broken or defective" denominator of a (small) circle of colleagues in the professional world.

Where those affected can speak out and unite in groups by helping each member when needed, even as if it were joining a self-help union, a stop should be put to it immediately so that the damage already done remains limitable and further damage can be averted before it will be too late for many. Which profession enters every laboratory, where pathogens are deposited? Which profession goes to every authority, where documents are available for inspection?

Which profession gets access to the poison cabinets in doctors' surgeries, drugstores or pharmacies? Which profession can get to highly toxic chemicals and which profession can get into a nuclear power plant or has a key to access nuclear weapons? Which profession has a key or access to its workplace when others are already off work? Which profession is not trusted with espionage, theft of highly toxic or dangerous substances or the use of EDP?

Which profession ensures cleanliness at the workplace and has to clean up the dirt of others, so that this profession is represented almost everywhere and has a key?

It is, among others, the profession of the cleaning lady or room attendant in the public service or public buildings, which partly represents an additional security risk for many people in this day and age. It may not be possible to do without every nurse, pharmacy assistant, doctor's assistant or laboratory assistant, but it is possible to do without a cleaning lady, in that everyone cleans their own workplace! Since many doctors cannot even recognise a medical assistant who is suitable or unsuitable for the profession, or do not even notice if one of their employees is mentally ill, how does the doctor then expect to be able to assess a cleaning lady when employing her and take control and responsibility for the whereabouts of the practice key?

How can a responsible employer know whether a duplicate of the key has not long since been made for the practice, the pharmacy or the laboratory? Since there are still women who depend on their jobs as cleaning ladies and have never been guilty of anything in this regard, the following decision is now made: As the employer concerned, see to it that the number of keys is greatly reduced and that the cleaning of the workplace in the relevant areas is done free of charge by the staff as well as by yourself.

Please continue to pay the wages of the cleaning staff already employed and, if necessary, only use these staff for window cleaning or large-scale cleaning if there are other people in the room. Change the door keys or locks if necessary, in that keys or locks could also be changed personally with other employers. Make sure that mentally ill staff do not come to harm, even if a staff member may be publicly* "exposed", but protect others by ensuring that the respective employees are given leave of absence.

The financial loss is paid by the public purse, the health insurance companies. Please get older, suitable ladies trained for the job back into your practices and let them record the index cards or data by hand again, the way it had worked about thirty years ago.

Ultimately, it is not the medical assistant or the cleaning lady who is held responsible for the sterile cleanliness of the instruments in the practices, but the employer. This also applies to the absence or mixing up of poisons, medicines, chemicals, pathogens or radioactive material.

Unfortunately, such a letter is once again coupled with a negative undertone and it is precisely for this reason that I would like to recommend you as a SAT-station-receiver to think for yourselves about your media instrument of radio, television and the Internet, otherwise it will "bang in the box and on your backside" !! !

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch



The World-Cultural-Shock