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The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany, Empress

To the Federal Government





Germany, Luebeck, 2002, February 28th.

Visit of the Secretary-General


Please, let this writing be translated in all commercial languages and be acted correspondingly!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today the secretary-general of the United Nations is for a visit in Germany and here in Germany in the grocery now you stack again that Easter products high up to the ceilings. This products of Easter  please, set up on palettes readily namely for the collection and the shipment to the countries, where people must fight from hunger and for life daily.

Confectionery, especially the thinly digested chocolate is required urgently in order to save life for a human being, especially for a baby or child. Much coloured Smaties and the thin chocolate please, you will let be immediately loaded onto TRUCKS in Germany and in all of Europe to be distributed the special products by airfreight or by ship to the corresponding countries. Best fruit juices are required equally as juices like Granini, these seems to be suitable on the opinion of your Empress. Lemon lemonade by the super market Lidl make LEMON is also required; this lemonade is bottled into plastic bottles and is well suitable for transportation.

Your Empress requests here in Germany not to find any Easter-bunny or Easter-eggs of thin chocolate as equally coloured Smarties anymore. That also applies for the lemonade and the fruit juices.

Should you act crossly and want to play the tall man you then become acquainted with your Empress because the motto for all reads: HE that will not hear must feel!

Please, do not forget the universal remedies, which you please will let be handed over to all affected ones. (Not up to date.) Please, let take the dirty journals from the sale. You may let distribute respectable magazines and journals further but let on the title pages only print Easter-eggs and let print no faces anymore!

HP: Now time is coming to put the meaning of this letter into action promptly for Sudan.

On behalf of


2004, May Saturday 29th/ 2012, February Saturday 18th.


Das Weltkulturerbe



The World-Cultural-Heritage

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