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Serious Trafficking in Human Beings

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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Episcopal Ordinariate Mainz

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To International Organisations

Attn: Sister Dr. L...


Germany, Luebeck, Monday, 14 April 2003

Free English translation on 28 August 2021.

Serious Trafficking in Human Beings

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Sister Dr. L....., Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Politics, Business and Media!

By chance I listened to the programme "The Talk" on NDR Info yesterday and had to think a lot about what was said, which did not let me go easily. For this reason, I am now writing this attacking letter to you and others, in order to have the contents put into action with a chance. You spoke of human trafficking in connection with the resulting prostitution and of the fact that in the FRG several hundred thousand people are involved in this oldest trade in the world, but that forced prostitution is often practised. You gave an example where a young girl had not seen the light of day for half a year because she probably had to satisfy a partying clientele.

In this context, you also spoke of a woman who refused to engage in prostitution and was therefore tied to a radiator by her tormentors. You also spoke about the fact that the woman was threatened that the unborn child under her heart was about to have an organ transplant, so that this unborn child was earmarked for a possible organ transplant.

And it is precisely at this point that everyone must become alert, this point, which has now become public due to the successful escape of the aforementioned woman must not be dealt with in one sentence, but rather this is where the devil directly begins to dominate the practice, to make it quite clear.

It is likely that a pimp or bodyguard, enraged by the aforementioned woman's resistance, has gone public and indirectly jeopardised the big business of organ transplantation. Cannibalisation of a human body can bring millions to a pimp so that he can retire. Such pimps have at their disposal, practically through the now legitimised trade, a kind of living database composed mainly of foreign people.

First, a person who is handicapped for language reasons is used to earn money for others like pimps and then has to reckon with the fact that at some point in the world a rich person or one of his relatives would have to die because no suitable organ is available.

Who will such a rich person turn to in the end?

I would like to write it to you; such a person will turn to a mafiosi, because whether it is a matter of one million dollars, two, three or up to billions, it no longer matters for such a person. Quite apart from that, murders are already being committed for less money. At the same time, it could mean that not just one person, but several people would have to give up their lives because the cannibalised organ often rejects the recipient's foreign organs and cannot grow.

Now, as I heard on the news of NDR1 Welle Nord a few weeks ago, a possibility has been found through research and science to be able to grow all organs and to use all of them that are available, since this method or this new procedure guarantees the transplantation. In this context, it was proudly reported that jobs are now needed here in this industry and unemployment will be curbed as a result.

Now, Sister L, I would like to come back to prostitution in this context and address the figure of 7 billion dollars mentioned, which is earned worldwide through human trafficking, whereby you objected that it is only an estimated figure and that the figure in reality is much higher. (approx. 7,000,000,000 dollars)* How does this estimated figure come about in the first place and by whom? Which people can even know such figures, what connections are there by which people to calculate such figure? Why are these sources not properly used to counter?

Now you Sister L., have mounted the Foundation Nowudi; so you could criticise judges who are appointed for proceedings in this regard and also evaluate the legal verdict of a trafficker.

You have experience with traumatised women and you have experience with lawyers and caregivers. You know the dangers and the considerable disadvantages of the foreign women who are supposed to live here in the FRG as souvenirs and who will receive regular beatings from their patrons, also due to the different cultures, which will inevitably pose problems, whereby the language problems will be the decisive problems of the actually very courageous people who often had no other choice to go to a foreign country.

Now a deported young person in a foreign country full of fear and terror will live and move here in our welfare state, because this state has created the immigration laws, but who embodies the state and who has created these laws?

They are people, Sister L., who often come from or have surrounded themselves with upper social classes. They are people who often come from a secure parental home and were allowed to attend grammar school for expensive money. Often, these people came from the school bench to the universities and were able to build a secure existence for themselves through these acquired basics or also get hold of them through relationships. Because of this starting point, these people have hardly any contact with the people concerned and thus have little knowledge and experience of the real life that others have to deal with.

The motives for the desired activity of these people are also not quite clear. These people from politics and business have awarded you, among other things, the Order of Federal Cross of Merit in recognition of your self-sacrificing and strenuous activity, which you are of course pleased about, since your activity is recognised.

You also mentioned your motives for your activity, which are true.

There is only one thing I would like to write to you and others to make you pay attention, because why did these aforementioned people not make sure that the affected women and girls as well as boys do not have to bear their heavy cross and why did they not tackle the business with the psyche, i. e. addiction and longing, themselves, because as you have recognised, the money for it must be available on the other side, which indeed belongs in the big pot.

Now people with above-average salaries are awarding you the Federal Cross of Merit because, strictly speaking, you are intercepting or somewhat mitigating, but also legitimising the incompetence of these politicians, economists and judges. I would like to and must draw your attention to this cycle, because this people also award the Bambi and the Golden Camera, among other things, what everyone should be aware of that. If prostitution did not exist, there would be far more serious criminals today through the killing and rape of girls, boys and women, because it is precisely through the psychological control of the media that pornography can bring about many things in men.

Strictly speaking, the state can be happy that prostitution exists and will not necessarily want to fight forced prostitution. This insinuation is reinforced by the fact that prostitution is also beneficial to tourism and not a hindrance.

Now I wonder how it works in Sweden with the psyche of the men, because there, as you said, prostitution is forbidden. However, if porn is allowed through video, magazines, TV and the Internet, Swedes may catch up on what is banned in their home country, maybe even in Germany, on holiday or business trips.

You and others must realise where the roots of such estimated figures of seven billion dollars come from and should not want to delude yourselves into thinking that you can reduce these figures; the complete opposite is the case and it is the reality as rich and poor are getting further and further apart and to make it clear once again, the devil has long been running the mafia as well as many a government, because please do not think that through such programmes as "The Talk" even the slightest thing will change.

Nothing will change if you publicise problems and can no longer recognise the connections as well as the resulting cycle; however, you have largely named the connections and the cycle of foreign women in your area of responsibility and it is precisely for this reason that I wish that people who come from practical experience and have the aptitude or vocation for such tasks should also be responsible and accountable for immigration and emigration laws.

One has to ask oneself whether all forced prostitutes are still alive and, when deporting a person, one has to make absolutely *sure* that the person will reach his or her destination and will not perhaps be killed and cannibalised on a ship just so that a filthy rich nutcase can have his or her life or the lives of his or her relatives prolonged by buying organs.

It is not the first letter from me in this regard, but hopefully the last!

So I would like to ask you to use this letter to consult the Bambi awarders and together as the adults to write and pass laws for immigrants, which could also be secured by the executive power in all possible ways. If ever one of these politicians wants to offer me a Federal Cross of Merit, I will lash out and smack people left and right around the ears, because some should wear this heavy cross and others bear that heavy cross; please think about it carefully for once and please remain critical of such people.

After the programme with you, there was a report about war correspondents or war reporters who want to capture faces through portraits to draw attention to the situation, so that no one can say they didn't know. Two female reporters known by name were named as U. M. and U. A. who also have experience from the Bosnian war. Only these people should also ask themselves who will see these horror pictures and who already needs these pictures!

The pictures of September 11 were shown several times and also already accompanied by acoustic possibilities, to give an example. A world-famous song was written and composed immediately after this attack, which is very often played on the radio stations.

Now, new pictures of the Iraq war have been spread again and again, which hardly come close to the harshness known from action films with the difference that people are dying in agony and others have been crippled, which cannot be conveyed through pictures. There is a special letter for reporters which shows the filmed Bosnian war from the point of view of some sensational reporters and from my point of view!

Inquire after my person and begin to see connections so that the cycle, which will be the ostensible issue, can be well-arranged and rebuilt. On the whole, many people are very naive and stupid, because they just "live on it" and nobody wants to think through the consequences of this way of life. For this reason, I would like to pass on the seriousness of this letter for everyone to understand at the appropriate level as an Easter greeting from the Empress and underline it with the following mnemonic sentence:

Finally stop your dirty application of psychology, because there are already enough displaced Easter bunnies running around who want to steal others' eggs from the nest!

With kind regards

and p. p. Ursula Sabisch


To Organ Transplantation should be answered with the Cudgel**, so that even the Gods in white will not exceed further Limits!

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