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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Empress, Germany


The Abortion-Stations

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Worldwide  CC

Luebeck, 2008, July 30th

Bill for the High-High-High Society


Dear Sir or Madam at the Sender Stations,

For some years I wrote a letter to your stations and to some other addresses to be informing you and your listeners or viewers carefully about the high-tech society, in which we all are living. Because most people in our time are only dealing with themselves and their own show-life to stay the living, I want to inform many people by another view, seen from outside.

There are many people, who have resolved problems in order to have had an abortion for a better life and state. There are in fact very dangerous connections between that matter, so it can become true that some women will pay these open bills directly for themselves or for their relationships, which can be already died. So it can become possible that a woman, who didn`t has an abortion in her life, must pay the high, high, high society- bill for her relationship! I am sure that there are some great women in the world, who are strong enough to hold the highest-highest-highest society-bill in order to prevent the next bills coming in an extremely more terrible level!

That means in clear words, everybody has to accept a pregnancy even if there is something wrong.

It will be a holy „bill“ from outside and goes to the high, high, high society!

U. Sabisch, Empress  


HP: My English is bad but that is not the problem, please, think about this letter!

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The World-Cultural-Heritage