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Negative Advertising

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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Giants of Steel

Kieler Chaussee 1

24214 Kiel

Luebeck, 3 Sept. 2010

Free English translation on 27 August 2021.

HEVY METAL 100% and General Sick 100% CC/ Worldwide

Dear Artists and Business People of the,

Yesterday I had to look at your "works of art" in the City-Park Luebeck, there was no way around it!

Not only I, but also many mothers with their children actually walked past your "unique pieces of art", but not always without many a child at the age of about 2- 12 years reacting accordingly. For example, a very young mother tried to persuade her toddler of about two years to approach your works of art, as she was looking very fearfully at your black metal giants.

The child opened her eyes and began to cry and tremble slightly, whereby unconsciously the mother obviously wanted to prepare her child for our society by trying to "harden" the child. As I was standing right next to her, I spoke to the young mother and had to point out to her that the management of the City-Park could probably not be in his  right  mind. The young woman then wanted to know why this was so, and I had to inform her that her child had just been shocked by your so-called work, which no one in the vicinity could have failed to notice!

What are you actually thinking of it?

You are trying to get as much money as possible with your sick crap and then also some recognition. With the same principle, you have mostly turned to young, dynamic CEOs who either don't have children themselves or whose children will already be past the "prime"!

Looking at your products and your principles, one can see that you have become unfree people who do not deserve and have not understood democracy. It cannot be that everybody can do what he wants if others have to suffer from it or if there is a violation of the psyche, which of course cannot be proven to you and the management!

No paediatrician will come to you and complain or report you; no health authority will come and close the shop; no judge will come, but now a single person who is quite obviously still left of all, an Empress, will come and give you a rocket! The reality is usually that toddlers start dreaming about your black figures and wake up from it. There is yelling and whining in the night hours, because a child always blames the parents for everything when the child is unwell. The next day looks similar and more follow.

The child may develop speech disorders and the eating behaviour changes. The immune system can no longer cope with these reactions and so these and those complaints or disorders arise. The parents are stressed to the max and so many mothers flee into the world of work and the fathers work overtime. It has happened in recent times that a father totally loses control and nerves by shaking his or a child to death!

You and others, however, are cashing in quite nicely and can lie your sick ass in the sun while others have to work!

And now we come to the point.

Either you pack up your crap and disappear with a settlement from the City-Park or you settle this crap according to the facts! Please turn to your broken circle of colleagues and start sorting out the rubbish together before you and others could be sorted out one day!

In Luebeck, you will make a start at City-Park Herrenholz by placing your exhibitions on only one side of the large entrance hall, thus dividing it into two halves. Basically and exclusively, you will allow children accompanied by adults to enter through the side protected from your crap, so that for everyone else your product can remain visible on the other side and those responsible from politics and society can look at the result of a demonstrated freedom. You and others will continue to scrutinise the Toy`s u Rush shop and initiate the sorting work. The work will continue in Media-Markt and thus in the whole City of Luebeck, so that first of all the children can get some rest!

The television and magazines, and of course the Internet, are thus to be closed to children, because this filth is also directed quite specifically at the sick society. A video recorder or cassette recorder is allowed for children with the appropriate material, but a trip to another catchment area outside Luebeck is then strictly forbidden for children, as they may then no longer be "hardened".

You and others should be given a ``s behind the ears left and right and then a `s on the

sick arse with the Cudgel!

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Even "negative publicity" is not bad for business, is it, you smart aleck?!

*The writing has been slightly changed stylistically for better comprehensibility.

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